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Europe COVID-19 Impact Study

Door: EuropeActive

Prijs: € 99.00

European COVID-19 Impact Study

The world is currently facing challenging and uncertain times with respect to medical, human, political, social and economic topics of society. When COVID-19 hit us in March 2020 and governments subsequently enforced the closure of gyms
across Europe, there was no playbook on how to handle such a unique situation. And there was also no certainty about when the lockdowns would be over. As it turned out, they lasted anywhere from 6 to 18 weeks depending on how severe the impact of the COVID-19 was in the country in question. Some regions even suffered a second lockdown.
Various governments were quick to provide significant financial help, and yet the
financial damage for operators and other actors in our industry is massive. In fact, we still don’t know exactly how large the losses really are. That’s why the EuropeActive leadership commissioned a study in June 2020 to find out the business impact of the COVID-19 for our sector in both the short and the longer term. At this point, it is impossible to know what the full impact will ultimately be and cases are surging as we write this. Our research with key operators in Europe and the additional third party information we have gathered show that the European fitness industry can still expect to achieve the mid to long term goals of EuropeActive, i.e., 80 million members by the midpoint of the decade and 100 million by 2030. If anything, we feel that the Corona crisis has strengthened the fundamentals of our sector.

The objective of this survey was to gather information from top operators in Europe
regarding various elements of their business and to use this data as a basis for an
assessment of the impact of the Corona pandemic. The fieldwork took place in
August, which was after almost all of the countries had allowed facilities to reopen,
but only if various protocols and restrictions were put in place.

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